New CIA report on Russia’s hacking effort: More than 100% attribution

By Eric MintonAssociated PressCIA Director Mike Pompeo said Thursday that he has identified 100% of the hacking activity that occurred in the election campaign of Donald Trump and his allies.

Pompeo made the comments during an appearance at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, which is expected to be the first in which the White House will address the hacking scandal.

Pompeos testimony comes after an extensive investigation into Russian election interference and a U.S. intelligence assessment that the Russians had a preference for Trump.

Pompeoes assessment was published on Friday.

The report comes just days after the White the president said he was “not under investigation” by the FBI for possible ties to Russia, and days after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any investigation into Russia’s election interference.

The White House released a statement Friday saying that Pompeo and other officials were not under investigation and the FBI had not made any findings that could be used to justify an investigation.