General Intelligence: The General Intelligence is the most important intelligence of our time, says former British prime minister David Lloyd George

A former British Prime Minister David Lloyd Georges, who was a founding member of the International Intelligence Services (IIIS), said he is convinced the UK intelligence agencies have not been “very good at anything” in their role as intelligence agencies.

“I have been very careful in my dealings with them, as I should be, with all intelligence agencies in this country,” Lloyd George said.

“But I do not think we are very good at it.”

The former UK ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Lochhead, said the British have been “over-reliant” on intelligence agencies, with the exception of their own MI6.

“In the last few years the British intelligence services have become very good and very effective at what they do,” Lochhead told the BBC.

“The challenge is not so much the size of the task they have been doing but the quality of the work they have done.”

The British are also very much dependent on other parts of the world and the United States, and this is very important to them.

“He added: “They want the world to know the world is theirs and their concern is to keep the world in their power.

They don’t want us to know how much money we have spent on intelligence,” Lochsharks chief of staff, David Prentis, told the New York Times last year.