How to Protect Your Data Against Attacks

Cyberattacks, like many types of attacks, can be very difficult to detect.

For that reason, organizations should make it their top priority to monitor and mitigate the cyber threat.

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“One of the main reasons why organizations can be more vulnerable to cyberattacks is because of the complexity of the infrastructure that they have on hand,” said Chris Soghoian, principal research analyst at the cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike.

“They have to manage their networks in an extremely heterogeneous way, which means that they’re more vulnerable than they think.

The best defenses are to be very vigilant and to be vigilant about what’s happening to them.”

For example, an attack that could compromise the organization’s IT infrastructure would not be detected until after the breach had already been detected.

“There are some companies that are doing things that are very specific and targeted at the people that they’ve identified as the attackers,” Soghosian said.

“If you’re a big company that has many, many different organizations, then your ability to take advantage of the attacks is going to be limited.”