How to turn your phone into an augmented reality camera

Posted February 07, 2019 05:04:04 The best way to capture a video of the world around you is by taking a virtual tour, and for those who want a bit more of a visceral experience, there’s no better way than to take a virtual selfie.

But what if you don’t have a smartphone?

The DJ Intelligence team is giving you the power to take virtual selfies for your phone.

The company is working on a new augmented reality app called DJ Intelligence that takes a photo, shows the picture in a VR headset and then shows you the video.

The app has been tested with some real-world users, and the team is excited to share the results with the world.

The app uses an Android virtual camera with an augmented-reality lens to show the real world around it.

The camera is a 360-degree camera that takes photos at an angle to the user.

The image is projected onto a virtual world that can be displayed in VR, like a video game.DJ Intelligence is using a camera app called Vibration and Vision that is a mix of VR and AR technology, but it doesn’t require a smartphone.

The VR part of the app lets you walk around in VR and use a phone as a virtual camera.

The AR part uses 3D-printing, which the team says allows it to do what a smartphone would normally be able to do but with much more precision.

The DJ Intelligence app uses a 360 degree camera that lets you look around and use your phone as your virtual camera in VR.

The user also gets a 3D image projected onto the screen, which is then displayed on the headset.

DJ Intelligence isn’t exactly sure if it will be a big hit with smartphone users, but we’ll be interested to see if it works with more people, especially since it’s a bit cheaper than other AR apps.

The real challenge for DJ Intelligence, however, is that it’s using a 3-D-printed smartphone instead of a real one.

The device is cheaper and easier to make, but a smartphone has some drawbacks when it comes to accuracy, battery life, and performance.