Oracle Business Intelligence API Definition

Oracle Business Intelli­gence API Definition:The API is used to provide business intelligence to developers and customers.

The API is part of Oracle Enterprise Application Suite (EEAS), an integrated suite of software applications for enterprise software and hardware developers.

The API allows you to connect to Oracle Enterprise Business Intelligence (EEBI), which provides insights and business intelligence.

Oracle Business Intelligence provides information about the operations of Oracle’s products and services and provides insights that are shared with customers, such as revenue, earnings, revenue trends, sales, marketing, customer satisfaction, and financial performance.

The information is provided to customers using the API, and Oracle Enterprise BI provides this data to clients using a BI API.

The SDK provides access to APIs for the Oracle BI API (Business Intelligence API) and Oracle Business Analytics API (BI API).

The SDK includes the following APIs:Oracle BI APIs: Oracle BI APIs provides a number of business intelligence APIs.

The following are available to developers:Oracle Business BI APIs is a Java-based application framework and API.

It provides a set of APIs to create and manage business intelligence applications.

It also provides a framework to build and deploy BI applications.

Oracle Enterprise Business Analytics APIs provides BI Analytics APIs for Oracle Business Platform (OBP) applications, including BI applications running on Oracle Enterprise Bids, as well as the Oracle Enterprise Services (OES) for Oracle Enterprise Applications (EOA) and Business Platform Applications (BPA).

Oracle Enterprise BI APIs provide information about Oracle Business Services, including Oracle BI applications, BI applications deployed on Oracle Business Bids and OBS, BI services for Oracle BI and OBP, BI analytics for Oracle EOs, and BI applications for Oracle BPA.

Oracle BI Platform is an extension of Oracle Business BI, with the purpose of enabling developers to create applications that support the Oracle Business APIs.

Oracle Bids is an interface for developers to access Oracle Business information from Oracle BI.

It is similar to Oracle BI Platform but supports the BI APIs and Oracle BI platform.

Oracle EOs is an API to create EOs from Oracle Business.

Oracle Eos is a set in which applications can be built that use the Oracle Bids APIs.

Oracle Buses is an application interface that allows developers to build applications that use Oracle EO applications.

Oracle BI is an Oracle Business application framework for developers that allows them to build BI applications from Oracle business applications.

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