When do you need to update your IT security policy?

Updated Date: Sep 27, 2018 07:06:53 (UTC)The Indian government has issued a circular asking IT security companies to update their security policies to reflect recent cyberattacks and new cyber attacks.

The directive was issued by the Information Technology Ministry in a consultation notice to all IT security firms.

The circular is meant to be a reminder to security firms to maintain their existing cybersecurity measures and ensure adequate security for their employees, the ministry said in a statement.

In an email to ET, an IT security official said the circular was meant to inform IT security organisations of the latest threats and to assist them in implementing the best cyber security strategies to counter such threats.

The cyber threat environment is constantly evolving, so we must constantly adapt to it, he added.

The government has said that cyber attacks and cyber espionage are on the rise and that it is taking a proactive approach to combat them.

The country has witnessed several cyber attacks on the government and government institutions, which have disrupted several government functions, the official said.

In March this year, the government said it had identified about $100 million worth of cyberattacks, including a $15 million hack against the Union Home Ministry, which has also led to the suspension of many government functions.