China and US in talks over cyber threat

Washington, DC – A senior US official has said China and the US are in talks about cyber threat and that they are also “focusing” on cyber security.

In an interview with Reuters news agency, the official said the US and China are currently engaged in a dialogue on the “critical” issue of cyber security, which includes sharing information on cyber attacks and the sharing of intelligence.

The officials’ comments come days after the US government and Beijing announced a new cyber agreement to help combat the growing threat of attacks by China, which has been accused of hacking the US, Europe and other countries.

The official said China has not provided any details about its new cyber policy, but it is expected to be based on a number of principles, including the importance of a free and open internet and the need to safeguard against cyber attacks.

However, the US official said there is a significant level of disagreement among the two countries about the nature of cyber threat, and that the US has been looking for a common approach.

Chinese officials have also been critical of the US for failing to address cybersecurity issues in their countries.

In an article published by the People’s Daily newspaper, the foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said the two sides are in a “serious” dialogue, adding that the two leaders have discussed the need for closer cooperation in the fight against cyber security threats.

The Chinese government has repeatedly warned against cyber intrusions and has said the Chinese government is not a state sponsor of such attacks.