The truth about the US election is being buried by a conspiracy theory

As Americans prepare to cast their ballots on Tuesday, we are going to learn a lot about how the 2016 election went from a conspiracy theorists perspective.

The US government has been trying to discredit the US presidential election in an effort to delegitimize it.

The FBI has been investigating allegations of Russian meddling in the election.

And in November, the US intelligence community issued a declassified report alleging that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a “hacked” election.

But a new report by the nonpartisan group Democracy 21, a nonprofit group, says that this is an attempt to “dismantle” the US electoral process.

This report, written by an independent consultant and a former intelligence official, has come under scrutiny from some political scientists and pundits.

The report has come to light because of the Wikileaks release of emails stolen by the Russians that have revealed the lengths the US government is going to go to undermine the US elections.

This article is based on the work of journalist Jonathan Landay.

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