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The Montreal Canadiens and Anaheim Ducks were supposed to meet in the first round of the playoffs, and now it looks like the series could be a wash. 

As we learned in this week’s NHL News, the Ducks were the first team to notice a problem with their goalie. 

After the Ducks lost the first two games of the series to the New York Islanders, they made the call to send their goalie, Frederik Andersen, to Montreal. 

On the way to the team hotel, Andersen was caught in a traffic jam and his helmet got stuck in the front windshield. 

It was clear that something wasn’t quite right. 

But the situation wasn’t over yet. 

When Andersen got back to the hotel, he was told that his mask was stuck again and he would have to change it. 

Andersen immediately had to put on a new mask. 

Then the Ducks came back to Anaheim and Andersen had to change his helmet again. 

In other words, it took a lot longer than expected for Andersen to get his mask on again.

So Andersen was stuck in traffic and had to leave the rink. 

The Canadiens, however, made the decision to keep their goalie on the ice. 

He had just been traded from Anaheim to Montreal and his situation was not the same as the first time he was asked to take off his mask. 

 The situation wasn�t as dire as the Ducks and Anaheim were expecting. 

Instead, Andersen�s mask came off during a penalty shoot-out against the Columbus Blue Jackets. 

If the Canadiens had not given Andersen the mask, he would probably have been in the lineup in Montreal�s Game 1. 

A quick look at the situation shows that Andersen was actually a lot more than a mask.

According to ESPN Stats & Info, Andersen’s team won the game 2-1, which would have been the best result of any team that had the goalie on their roster for at least 15 games. 

While it was a blow to the Ducks, the Canadiens got their goalie back for Game 2, so they have the series tied at 2-2. 

Despite this, the team that was supposed to win Game 1 was the first to notice something was wrong with Andersen. 

That something was a problem.

The Canadiens didn�t realize that Andersen had been wearing a mask for almost 30 minutes and the results were clear. 

They had a goalie who was clearly on the verge of breaking down and not giving it his all. 

What’s worse, Andersen had missed his second shift of the game because of a shoulder injury. 

This meant that his team had been waiting on the Ducks for their first chance to score. 

Unfortunately, it looked like the Canadiens were not going to get their first shot when Andersen had no answer for the Ducks’ penalty kill. 

At some point in the game, the goalie got his mask back on, and the Ducks scored the next goal. 

So the series is tied at 3-3. 

I had an interesting experience while I was watching this game. 

During the third period of Game 1, the Canucks had their second power play of the night and a couple of shots. 

Before they even had the puck, Andersen and his team were able to make the save on a rebound. 

However, Andersen looked down and his mask had a gap. 

According to, Andersen said that he was going to put his mask down on the bench and then he thought about it for a minute and he put his helmet back on. 

All in all, Andersen did a very good job in the faceoff circle and the goalie was able to save the penalty shot. 

Habs fans were understandably disappointed with Andersen� s performance. 

Regardless of what happened on the night, it was clear what the Canadiens need to do to get back to their winning ways. 

Hopefully, this will lead to a rematch in Montreal.

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