Intel to acquire SIS-9, a software company that develops natural intelligence applications

Intel is going to buy a company that makes a software application that helps analysts identify the “intelligence quotient” of people.

The company, called SIS Intelligence, has been working on the product for a few years now, according to The Information, which first reported the news.

The company was acquired by Intel in March for $2.6 billion.

The deal was announced on Wednesday.

Intel said in a statement that it “has always been focused on building products that provide the best possible solutions for our customers, both today and in the future.”

“Our business has grown significantly since our acquisition of SISIQ in March 2016, with revenue increasing by over 90% in the fourth quarter of 2019,” the company said.

It added that the company will be focusing on making the product more useful for customers, especially the growing number of analysts that are using it.

The acquisition comes at a time when technology companies are being forced to respond to a flood of intelligence related data.

The FBI, the National Security Agency and other intelligence agencies are increasingly collecting, analyzing and analyzing intelligence in the digital age.

The companies say that this data has to be analyzed in a way that gives them insight into what’s going on in the world.

Intel says that its products and technology can help solve that problem.

The company’s SIS technology has been used by many companies to help solve some of their problems, including for building drones, mapping the human brain and detecting diseases.

But there are several things that SIS excels at that make it a valuable product for analysts.

It is an easy-to-use, cost-effective and reliable intelligence-gathering system.

The software uses machine learning to automatically detect things like what people are saying or doing.

The tool can also analyze the content of tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos and text messages.