IBM, Facebook launch ‘Emotional Intelligence’ tests for AI

IBM is planning to start an initiative in India to use technology that will help the country’s AI-powered startups and big businesses compete better with the likes of Google, Facebook and Apple.

Emotional intelligence tests are part of a wider effort by IBM to help its AI-backed software and services win over users by making them more aware of their environment, friends, and how they can make their lives better.”IBM’s Emotional Intelligence initiative will be the first such initiative in the world to test and measure the emotional intelligence of its AI applications,” the company said in a statement on Monday.

“This will help us develop our AI applications with greater intelligence and accuracy, so that they can offer greater value to users.”IBM said the initiative would start in Bengaluru and cover 50 locations, including Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and Kolkota.

It will be powered by an IBM Cloud platform that will integrate with IBM’s AI platform.IBM has long had a presence in India, but the move will likely be a bigger one than in other emerging markets.

It already offers a suite of services, including artificial intelligence, that can help startups, big businesses and governments to better compete with the tech giants.

In fact, IBM is one of the biggest players in the field, with more than 50 startups that use its software to run experiments and test their applications.

The company has also partnered with social network Snapchat to develop an AI platform that helps businesses and brands understand their users.