Trump’s personal advisers say ‘I am a very smart man’

President Donald Trump has reportedly had a “very smart man’s approach” on his foreign policy and national security strategy.

According to an excerpt from an op-ed published by The Washington Post, the former Republican presidential nominee and commander in chief has spoken in terms that reflect the qualities that define a smart person.

According the Post, “Trump has spent the past four years as a leader, not just a candidate, who has learned the importance of keeping the country safe.

He has also embraced the idea that his ability to lead is tied to the qualities of his personality.

He is not a man who is going to do things the easy way, and he has learned that lesson.”

The op-age article notes that “Trump’s ability to get things done, even as a presidential candidate, has been crucial to his ability as president.

That ability has been apparent even when the world was turning against him, as it did during the 2016 campaign.”

According to The Post, while Trump has spoken at length about how much he admires his personal success, “the fact is, he also has struggled with the same self-doubt that comes with success in any endeavor.

In the past few years, Trump has had to struggle with his own personal success and the perception that he is not as successful as others.

When he is successful, he often seems self-deprecating, but he often feels bad for himself and the people around him.

That is what is so troubling about Trump.”

While Trump is certainly not alone in his belief that his success is a reflection of his character, the idea of him believing that his abilities are a reflection on himself has been a recurring theme of his presidency.

According To The New York Times, Trump was once asked why he did not use Twitter to communicate with the world while in office, and Trump replied, “I am very good at communicating, I don’t have to do it.”

The former president has also frequently been criticized for his penchant for self-promotion and, more recently, for his criticism of a number of women in the media.

In a January 2017 speech in Florida, Trump said, “There are a lot of women who have made mistakes, but I would say one thing about Bill Clinton: He’s not perfect, but Bill Clinton is a hell of a guy.

He’s a hell, he’s a Hell, and I will tell you that he’s the best of the best.”