A new ‘smart’ video streaming service is coming to Netflix

Netflix, the US-based video streaming company, is preparing to launch a smart video streaming video service in partnership with Amazon and Facebook, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

The new service will offer a smart feature to stream video content without needing to have a video subscription.

The feature, called “Smart” and described as a feature for the “smart home,” allows users to watch the content without having to have an internet connection.

The company said it is working with Facebook to offer this feature in the next few months.

A Facebook spokesperson told TechRadars that the service will be available as an ad-supported service on its platform.

The spokesperson said the Facebook-owned streaming video platform would support Smart streaming, adding that “we believe this will make it easier for people to discover and access new content from Netflix, Amazon and other providers.”

Netflix, which has been trying to compete against Amazon Prime Video, said in a statement that it is investing $5 billion to expand its video content offerings and reach more people.

The announcement comes as Netflix continues to be the leader in video streaming.

The streaming video giant has been the main player in the video streaming market for some time, but its growing popularity has attracted attention from rivals like Amazon and YouTube.

In September, Netflix announced it would be launching a subscription-based streaming service in a deal with Amazon, which also announced it had signed deals with Google, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus.

Netflix is also expected to release its own streaming TV service in the coming months.

The Wall St. Journal reported that Amazon and Netflix are set to sign a $10 billion deal to launch video services on the platform.