What you need to know about relational intelligence

An intelligent neck massage could save your life, according to a new study.

Key points:People with complex personalities tend to have low intelligence compared to people with simple personalitiesThe study suggests the neck massagers could help ease depression and anxietyIn a paper published in the journal Biological Psychology, researchers found people with complex personality tend to be less intelligent compared to those with simple personality.

The researchers found that people with more complex personalities were more likely to have lower intelligence, as compared to the average person.

This was particularly true for those with complex emotional responses to stress and to the stressors that surround them.

“If a person is more highly intelligent, they’re more likely, and that’s a pretty powerful effect,” Dr Adam Kohn from the University of Sydney’s Department of Psychology said.

“They may be more intelligent but that doesn’t mean they’re smarter.”

It’s thought that complex personalities may have been associated with lower intelligence because they have a complex understanding of how their environment works.

“So if someone is extremely intelligent, for example, they may be very familiar with how to navigate a busy city and they may have a very good idea of how to deal with traffic,” Dr Kohn said.

What are the neck massage neck massages?

These neck massaging neck massage are usually performed on a person’s neck, neck, shoulders, hands and face.

The massage is performed with a soft towel or foam.

The treatment consists of gentle pressure and the use of the arm.

The therapist can adjust the pressure, depending on the person’s personality.

Dr Kohn is also the founder of a new organisation called Intelligent Neck Massagers, which aims to develop more intelligent neck manipulation.

The study used data from more than 1,400 people from the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

“It was interesting to see how personality traits affected the relationship between neck massagists and people,” Dr Jodie Dutton, the lead author of the study from the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University, said.

She said it was important to study people in order to better understand the mechanisms of personality.

“There is a huge amount of work that is being done in this area, and this is one area where we have a lot of data on,” she said.

Dr Dutton said there was a growing body of research which found people’s intelligence was related to their personalities, and she hoped the results from the study would help to inform future research.

The results showed that people who reported more complex emotions, and who had lower intelligence in general, were less likely to benefit from the neck manipulation than people with simpler personalities.

The authors suggest the research could have implications for helping people with depression and other psychological disorders.

“For people who have depression, we’ve shown in this study that you can reduce depression with neck massaged neck massags,” Dr Dutton told ABC News.

“This could help people with low intelligence, and potentially people with mental health disorders.”

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