Trump’s executive order on AI could affect the global economy

The White House on Monday signed an executive order directing federal agencies to start considering AI as part of a “plan to transform the economy and address the threats posed by climate change and pandemic.”

Trump’s order directs agencies to consider AI as a means to combat cyber-attacks and cybersecurity threats and to encourage the development of a national plan to develop, fund and deploy AI systems.

The order directs the departments of Labor, Commerce, Homeland Security, Justice, Energy and the Treasury to work on “how to support a national strategy for AI, and how to provide grants to universities, private companies, and research organizations.”

It is the first time the Trump administration has issued a executive order directly addressing AI, a technology that has grown increasingly popular in recent years as it seeks to boost efficiency, efficiency and productivity.

It also comes amid the U.S. government’s push to develop AI-powered robots that could help solve many of the world’s most pressing problems, including finding jobs, improving health care delivery, and reducing pollution.

The Trump administration is already working with technology companies on AI research and deployment.

In an interview on Monday, White House deputy press secretary Michael Anton said that the president’s order “will also provide a roadmap for the next round of AI research,” noting that the order would “require a new set of standards to ensure that AI systems can be tested in the field and not just in labs and other institutions.”

While the order doesn’t directly address AI research, the White House said the order will create a framework for “a new round of collaborative research between government and industry” on the topic of AI.

The president’s executive orders on intelligence, for example, have not been tied directly to AI research.