IBM’s Spatial Intelligence and GeoSpatial Intelligence are now available on Amazon

IBM’s GeoSpacial Intelligence (GSE) and Spatial intelligence (SG) have now been integrated into Amazon’s Cloud Machine Learning platform.

Amazon is the only major cloud platform to offer both.

GSE and SG are essentially predictive models that can predict what the user sees.

GSEA and SG enable data analysis that enables machine learning, predictive analytics, and machine translation to be used in the cloud.

With the new integration, the ability to use GSE to automatically identify patterns in text and images is now a reality.

“By integrating SG into the Amazon Cloud Machine learning platform, we are able to leverage a variety of new insights, and combine them with GSE, allowing for an enhanced and more flexible capability for our customers,” said David McBride, vice president and general manager of the cloud platform.

“We’re excited to be enabling our customers to use the GSEA platform in a variety a new and powerful way.”

In addition to the Amazon machine learning platform and the GeoSpaces Intelligence and Spacial Intelligence, Amazon is also adding GSEA to its Amazon Cloud Platform Services for Analytics.

The new data is now available for public consumption on the Amazon Marketplace, the service that powers the company’s Elastic MapReduce platform.

The company has also announced a new tool for developers that enables them to use machine learning models to detect and track bugs in code.

The product is available for free to developers now, and the company will begin offering it in the coming weeks.

The ability to analyze machine learning is one of the biggest benefits of Amazon’s Elastic Search and Machine Learning technologies.

GSEE is currently the company only proprietary machine learning engine.

The GeoSpacing Intelligence and SG is a new product, but is based on the GSE algorithm.

GEE is a combination of GSE with SG, and allows for faster and more powerful machine learning.

GSI has been in beta for a while, but Amazon says it’s been ready for public beta since January.

The GSE team said in a blog post that the GeoEngine has “the capability to help us identify and address key challenges facing our customers, including the development of machine learning technologies for all types of applications.”

Amazon also announced that GSE will be used for machine learning in its cloud service, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

The GEE and SG integration will be available for AWS customers in the next two weeks.