CIA’s military intelligence division is hiring top talent

A top intelligence official at the CIA has been hired by the agency to work in the private sector, according to The Washington Post.

“The CIA is actively looking for a high-level intelligence officer to join the CIA’s intelligence leadership team, and we are working closely with the private industry to find the best fit,” a CIA spokesperson told the Post.

A top military intelligence officer at the U.S. Army is also being considered for a job, according the Post, and the CIA is considering hiring another military intelligence official to work with the CIA, according a spokesperson for the Senate Armed Services Committee.

More than 200 former CIA officials are currently in the intelligence field, according to the Post and the Defense Intelligence Agency, which is also working to fill vacancies.

The CIA has had several top intelligence officials leave the agency in recent years, including former Director Mike Pompeo, former Director James Clapper, former Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Mike Morrell, former Defense Intelligence Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and former Defense Inspector General Robert Priest.

In March, The Washington Times reported that Pompeo had asked his son to leave the CIA after reports surfaced that he had received millions of dollars in government contracts in exchange for his work. 

The Post reports that CIA Director Mike Rogers, who retired last year, has also been considered for an intelligence job, but his confirmation hearing has been delayed because of congressional pressure.