Why the intelligence analyst who called the intelligence leader a “puppet” is right to be fired

Fox Sports is reporting that the intelligence official who called intelligence leader Mike Pompeo a puppet is right in the process of being fired from his job.

According to The Associated Press, an internal review of the Intelligence Community Inspector General’s office determined that a former intelligence analyst’s assertion that Pompeo had tried to influence Pompeo’s intelligence was incorrect.

The report says that Pompeos former deputy chief of staff and a former FBI agent were both aware of the allegation, but that neither made any attempt to report it.

However, they did not immediately respond to Fox News requests for comment.

The AP also reported that a person who worked for the inspector general told them that the report was not being processed at the time and that they should have been notified.

The person was not named in the report, and Fox News has not confirmed the person’s identity.

The inspector general’s office did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

Intelligence analyst and former FBI employee Chris Gowen, who was fired from the FBI after making the allegations, was also fired by the bureau for making the same allegation.

The IG’s office found that Gowen’s statements were not supported by evidence and that he violated policies and procedures.

Gowen also filed a grievance with the FBI’s human resources department, which led to his termination, according to the AP.

Gowan was one of the more than 200 people who spoke out against Pompeo after he was named as Pompeos new national security adviser.

Gowans former deputy, John Cofer, was fired after he called Pompeo and other Trump officials a bunch of puppets.

Gowden is currently a law professor at Georgetown University.

The Inspector General report comes as Pompeos intelligence team is under fire for allegedly violating policies and protocols.

In a letter to Pompeos office of legal affairs, Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) said Gowen was fired because he violated an IG policy that states that the IG must “not engage in the performance of its duties in an official capacity unless it is necessary to prevent a violation of law, policy, or procedure.”

Pompeos staff also reportedly engaged in a Twitter war with former Fox News reporter Abby Huntsman, who has come out in support of Pompeos administration.