Which of the five US intelligence agencies is the most dangerous?

In a new article, New Scientist investigates the five most dangerous intelligence agencies, including the CIA, NSA and FBI. 

“The CIA has the most lethal and dangerous of all the intelligence agencies. 

The NSA has the third most lethal of all five. 

And the FBI has the least lethal of any of the intelligence organisations. 

Their combined intelligence capability is far more deadly than any other organisation,” the article says. 

It says the CIA is responsible for more than half the deaths in the US since 9/11. 

NSA is responsible the deaths of more than a million people since 9-11, the article continues. 

According to the article, the CIA has also had a “direct” hand in creating and funding many terrorist groups, including ISIS and Al-Qaeda. 

Its “sophisticated technology” has been used to disrupt critical infrastructure, and it has “facilitated a number of terrorist acts”, it says.

“The NSA, on the other hand, has not only done little to stop terrorism, but has also been actively involved in promoting terrorism.” 

The article says that the CIA’s operations and intelligence collection are “frequently used to justify the US invasion of Iraq”. 

“Its global reach is far greater than that of any other intelligence organisation. 

For example, the US intelligence services have amassed a database of every email, phone call, website, and social media activity on the planet.”

The article concludes: “These organisations are also capable of creating and exploiting a host of new technologies that make them more dangerous than their enemies. 

They have developed sophisticated and potentially destabilising tools of espionage, manipulation, disinformation and propaganda that are increasingly becoming operational. 

More ominously, these tools may now be used by the CIA and its allies to target the United States itself.”

“This article will look at how the US has gone about creating and perpetuating a foreign policy based on secrecy, incompetence and incompetence’s excesses,” the author writes.

“We can no longer rely on the United Nations and its various agencies to be effective in countering foreign policy-related threats. 

Our foreign policy has been shaped by secrecy, stupidity, incompetence, and excesses that can no more be denied than a balloon in the sky can fly.”

This article was originally published on New Scientist