How to be smarter with intelligence jobs

Military intelligence officers are now being trained to be more efficient and intelligent with their intelligence work, as the army and its contractors are spending billions on training them.

The army has launched a $25 million project, which will include an “intelligence officer-training programme” to give officers a deeper understanding of the intelligence work they are doing. 

“The intelligence officer-development programme (IODP) aims to provide a deeper, more nuanced understanding of intelligence tasks and processes to enable them to better understand the current and future challenges of the Indian Army and the Indian Defence Force,” a statement from the army said.

The programme will also provide the Army and its contractor a better understanding of their capabilities, according to a defence ministry official.

The IODP will be jointly led by the army, the navy and the defence research and development centre (DRDC) at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. 

The IODP is part of a $50 million programme to train intelligence officers in the Army, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and DRDC to help them learn to understand and process information faster, according the defence ministry. 

There have been reports of some senior intelligence officers having been trained to operate in intelligence and counter-intelligence jobs under the new training programme. 

In the past, the intelligence officer’s role in the Indian military was to work as a “general intelligence officer”, a position in which intelligence officers would conduct intelligence tasks in a professional manner and would have to understand the needs and capabilities of the military, as well as the political and socio-cultural contexts within which they operate. 

During the Cold War, the Indian government was one of the few countries to have a fully fledged army.

It also has a significant amount of defence expertise, including the navy, which has played a major role in its defence development, the ministry said.