Which companies are making the most artificial intelligence-driven innovations?

Mashable, an online news service, recently surveyed 500 technology industry leaders and asked which companies have made the most breakthroughs in artificial intelligence.

It found that at least 80 percent of these companies are investing in AI and machine learning, which have led to a number of innovations in fields such as robotics, healthcare, and robotics.

One of the most interesting trends highlighted by Mashable’s survey was that machine learning and AI are becoming more common in health care, and this trend is being driven by the medical industry.

In fact, in healthcare, the largest companies that are using AI and/or machine learning are IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Other companies that have been investing in artificial learning in health are HealthOne and Medtronic.

Here are the top 10 AI-focused companies in the healthcare sector, according to Mashable:1.

IBM IBM, +0.00% IBM has been leading the way in artificial-intelligence (AI) for the past several years, with the Watson supercomputer, which was launched in 2016, making headlines around the world.

This year, IBM announced a $1.7 billion investment in the company’s Watson Labs, which is a startup aimed at creating a computer system that can solve problems in medical and medical-related research.2.

Microsoft Microsoft, +1.01% Microsoft is a pioneer in AI, and has a long history of investing in companies such as Google, Facebook, and others.

It is also a leader in AI research, which has led to several breakthroughs.

Microsoft has a $2.9 billion research and development program called the Machine Learning Research Lab, which uses artificial- intelligence to help develop new medical products.3.

Amazon Amazon, +2.11% Amazon is one of the biggest players in AI with $9.4 billion in research and sales.

This comes after it recently announced a new machine learning system called the Amazon Echo.

Amazon is also in the process of developing a new artificial-language machine learning platform called EchoTalk.4.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Microsoft, -0.25% Microsoft has made a lot of strides in AI in recent years, and is also an early adopter of artificial-learning tools, including Cortana, an AI assistant for Windows PCs.

However, Microsoft has been slow to bring in AI-powered products.

This is particularly true for its Surface Pro line of computers.

In 2016, Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro X, a laptop that was designed to run on AI.

In 2018, Microsoft added an AI-enabled pen and pen app, Cortana, to the Windows Store.

However androids in the PC space are not as common as they are in smartphones and tablets.5.

Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft, 0.33% Microsoft offers a suite of services that allow employees to manage documents and work on documents in their office.

The suite is also used to organize and collaborate on projects, such as using the Microsoft Word document editor.

However in 2017, Microsoft announced that it would stop offering Office 365 for enterprise customers, and that it is no longer offering the product on its own platform.6.

Microsoft OneNote OneNote, -1.16% Microsoft’s OneNote document management app is a great alternative to using traditional document editing programs like Word or PowerPoint.

However one of its biggest challenges in the document management space is its lack of features.

OneNote has been in the news recently for a series of bugs that plagued it for years, leading to a slew of changes in its UI and the app.

However the OneNote team is working on making the app better and it is expected to be released soon.7.

Amazon Alexa Amazon, -2.02% Amazon has a large market for Alexa, which allows people to ask questions about products, services, and more.

Alexa has also become an integral part of the Amazon ecosystem, which means it is a key piece of the company and its product offering.

However Amazon also has a number other AI-centric products that it has launched, including the Alexa Voice Service and the Amazon Cloud Player.8.

Amazon Prime Video Amazon, 0% Amazon Prime Videos has a wide range of products available for viewing and watching video.

The company has also recently launched Prime Video, which will stream all of its videos on its Prime Video service, which includes Prime Music and Prime Video.

However Prime Video is only available for Prime members and they can only watch videos that they have purchased.9.

Google Glass Google, -3.08% Google Glass has become a hot topic in the tech industry due to the use of wearable technology.

Google has also invested in several wearable tech companies.

However Google Glass is not available in the United States, which may explain why Google Glass didn’t receive the same attention from the tech press.

In 2017, Google announced a deal with Amazon to bring Glass to the US.10.

Amazon Echo Amazon, 2.14% Amazon Echo is a digital assistant that can be controlled from the