How many footballers have an arm?

2 1 0 This is the number of footballers who have an upper arm, according to data compiled by the Football Italian.The data covers the number who have a full upper arm as well as those who have only a partially upper arm.This is to help compare how a footballer with an upper limb would […]

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How to make money from a niche market

Hacker News article Hacker news users are increasingly looking for new ways to make a living.The number of people looking to make extra money by buying products from niche marketplaces, as opposed to mainstream brands, has skyrocketed over the past two years.With a little bit of research, you can make a ton of money.Read on […]

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How to find out whether you’re smart enough to drive a car

Intelligence companies are increasingly investing in artificial intelligence systems to help drive the next wave of autonomous vehicles.They’re using them to help predict and analyze the behavior of people in real time, so they can better anticipate disasters, such as earthquakes.They are also building up artificial intelligence research labs to build and deploy algorithms to […]

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‘Talos’ AI: What it’s like to watch an AI rise to prominence

A few months ago, when Talos Intelligence founder Chris Urmson announced a $2 billion investment in artificial intelligence company AlphaGo, he described it as a “deep learning” AI startup.Now, AlphaGo has grown to become the most popular AI system in the world.This week, the company has won the Google Supercomputer Challenge, which is the world’s […]

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How to get an intelligence score

An intelligence score is an indicator of a person’s overall ability to analyze information and understand complex information.It’s a measurement that’s taken from a variety of sources including social media, web browsing, and online activity.But a number of studies suggest that the scores you get from these sources don’t always correlate to your actual intelligence.And […]

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When does the future lie in business intelligence engineer?

The future is here, and we’re talking about intelligence engineering.This topic is getting a lot of attention lately as it’s becoming increasingly popular in the tech industry, as the field continues to grow and new technology comes online.This article is a compilation of the key points to know about intelligence engineers, and it will answer […]

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