How to get an intelligence score

An intelligence score is an indicator of a person’s overall ability to analyze information and understand complex information.

It’s a measurement that’s taken from a variety of sources including social media, web browsing, and online activity.

But a number of studies suggest that the scores you get from these sources don’t always correlate to your actual intelligence.

And they also don’t tell us how smart you are.

Here are some key points about intelligence and intelligence scores.


Intelligence scores vary widely across countries There’s a wide range in the scores people get from various sources.

Some countries are more correlated with intelligence scores than others.

Here’s a map of the most common countries where intelligence scores are measured.

Source: New Scientist 1.

The Netherlands is a popular place to live for people with a high IQ. 2.

People in Russia score higher on intelligence tests than in most countries.


China, India, and Turkey have high intelligence scores but they are far from the best places to live.


In the US, the top scorers are those with scores of between 200 and 400 points, and the lowest are those in the 400 to 800 range.


There are also some differences in how the scores are calculated.

For example, intelligence tests are often given to a person before he or she begins taking them.

In other cases, intelligence scores from different sources are combined to create a single score.


A high score on an intelligence test doesn’t necessarily mean a person is intelligent.

A higher score can be used to identify people who are socially and intellectually skilled.


People who are extremely bright or extremely smart may be considered “exceptionally intelligent” by their peers.


Intelligence tests are only one part of the picture.

Another factor is that some of these tests are self-administered.

This means that they are based on the answers given by the person taking the test.

So the person who takes the test is only testing himself or herself.


The UK has a low score on the IQ test, but the test’s reliability is very high.


If you take a test that shows you’re smart, it’s a good idea to get more than one IQ test to see if you’re truly smart.