Senate intelligence committee to hold hearing on AI and ‘AI-powered intelligence’

The Senate intelligence panel will hold a hearing on “intelligence-powered” AI and artificial intelligence, it was announced on Wednesday.

“The hearing will examine the extent to which AI and the Internet of Things are impacting human society, and the extent of our ability to ensure that society’s needs and interests are best met through AI,” the panel’s website reads.

The hearing is set to take place at 10am GMT on Wednesday at the US Capitol in Washington DC.

According to the US Senate website, the hearing will “address the challenges and opportunities posed by AI-powered AI, its impact on society, the evolving role of the intelligence community, and policy implications for advancing the development of AI.”

“The hearings will explore the potential benefits and challenges of AI, and will consider ways to ensure our nation’s intelligence agencies have the tools and resources they need to address these issues,” the website adds.

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