How to be smarter with intelligence jobs

Military intelligence officers are now being trained to be more efficient and intelligent with their intelligence work, as the army and its contractors are spending billions on training them.The army has launched a $25 million project, which will include an “intelligence officer-training programme” to give officers a deeper understanding of the intelligence work they are […]

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How to recognise intelligence changes in the brain

Intelligence is a phenomenon which is thought to be caused by changes in neural activity, as opposed to external signals such as environmental cues.There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that intelligence is a result of changes in brain activity.There are two main areas of research which have been focusing on this issue, […]

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How to create your own intelligence data-mining strategy

Business Intelligence Suite (BIS) is a suite of software that can be used for the analysis and analysis of data from data-sources like businesses and companies, such as financial institutions and large corporations.BIs have come a long way in the last few years.They have become an increasingly powerful tool to analyze the data and help […]

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Which AI textbook is best?

Artificial intelligence textbooks are becoming increasingly common in classrooms across the United States, thanks to a surge in students’ interest in AI and the growing availability of digital resources to learn.But how do you choose the right one?That’s the question students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) are trying to […]

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How to find a new team for the World Cup 2019

With the FIFA 2018/2019 World Cup approaching, it’s time to re-think your squad and the squad you put on your team.It has been argued that this season, teams are far more likely to change their squad before the tournament than in previous seasons.In this article, we take a look at the potential changes that might […]

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How to Get More from the Cognitive Intelligence Market

The book focuses on how to build an effective cognitive intelligence strategy for your company.The key to building a strategy is building a team that understands how to apply cognitive insights to the business problem.There are many ways to build your strategy, and this book is an easy read for those who want to learn.It […]

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