How to get smarter with an intelligence test

How can you make more informed decisions about how to spend your life?The answer is a cognitive test, and it could be the key to understanding intelligence. The test, known as the Cognitive Intelligence Test, or CAT, is one of the most widely used tests of intelligence.Its popularity has soared in recent years, as more students […]

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How artificial intelligence can make you smarter

A study in which AI scientists simulated the cognitive processes of the brain’s neural network found that the brains of people with autism spectrum disorders could be “researched” by using artificial intelligence.The research suggests that the neural networks used by the researchers may also be able to “read” what a person is thinking and what […]

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Why the spy chiefs debate the future of intelligence?

In the early years of the 20th century, the US intelligence community became increasingly alarmed about what was happening in Russia.It had seen a series of assassinations and the collapse of the Soviet Union, and in the process, the Soviet army had become a more formidable adversary.“In the early days, the Russians were very good […]

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When does a smart electric skateboard fit into the smart nation?

The smart nation is about to get smarter, and there’s a growing consensus that it will be a smarter, more connected and more prosperous place.The Smart Nation Forum is the brainchild of Peter Thiel, a billionaire entrepreneur and PayPal co-founder who co-founded the tech company.It aims to develop a new national intelligence agency to oversee […]

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AI is a game changer for the world’s economy

Artificial intelligence, the rise of machine learning and robotics, and a looming global race to develop a new breed of superintelligent robots are all leading to an unprecedented shift in how the world works.Artificial intelligence (AI) has a profound effect on how our economy works, and how our society evolves.As the world is being digitised […]

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Which are the most intelligent Android apps?

The best intelligent Android games are open source intelligence apps, the creators of which claim they’re the most engaging, engaging games out there.Here are our picks for the most popular Android games with the most intelligence: Anagram: The Sims: The Sims 3: https http://play, play, play.Play Now: https Play Now – The Sims […]

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