How to Get More from the Cognitive Intelligence Market

The book focuses on how to build an effective cognitive intelligence strategy for your company.The key to building a strategy is building a team that understands how to apply cognitive insights to the business problem.There are many ways to build your strategy, and this book is an easy read for those who want to learn.It […]

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IBM, Facebook launch ‘Emotional Intelligence’ tests for AI

IBM is planning to start an initiative in India to use technology that will help the country’s AI-powered startups and big businesses compete better with the likes of Google, Facebook and Apple.Emotional intelligence tests are part of a wider effort by IBM to help its AI-backed software and services win over users by making them […]

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How to use the new Apple ‘Artificial Intelligence’ book

Emotional intelligence means the ability to understand a person’s feelings and understand their motivations, but it also has a broader application.It’s been used to help with the rehabilitation of people who have been brainwashed and has a huge potential in helping with the development of AI-enabled products, such as the new AI book that was […]

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