How to create an online presence with a small business

How to use your social media to create a small-business presence and a profile on Facebook and LinkedIn.How to choose the right marketing tactics and use social media for your business.What is an influencer?Who is an influential person in your community?What is a social media influencer, and how can they help you get noticed?Topics:business-economics-and-finance,community-and/or-society,people,online-business-news,advertising,community,community.ambulance-solutions,community_service,indigenous-aboriginal-and%E2%80%93first-nations,australia,auckland-7169,aussies,federal—state-issues,federation,auckslopes-7172First posted […]

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When you can’t predict your enemies’ next move, you can predict yours

Google News article Google has hired researchers to investigate whether people are “overthinking” their responses when they are interacting with the world, as it seeks to increase its ability to detect and prevent terrorism.The research comes as Google prepares to launch its new intelligence-gathering and surveillance (IGS) technology, which could see the company acquiring a […]

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