How to fix a corporate problem

A few years ago, when a lot of companies were grappling with the same problems that the tech world is facing, one company stood out.In 2009, a tech startup called Avast hired a data scientist to investigate how the firm’s analytics software was affecting its business.The results weren’t pretty.For Avast’s own employees, the results were […]

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Trump’s executive order on AI could affect the global economy

The White House on Monday signed an executive order directing federal agencies to start considering AI as part of a “plan to transform the economy and address the threats posed by climate change and pandemic.”Trump’s order directs agencies to consider AI as a means to combat cyber-attacks and cybersecurity threats and to encourage the development […]

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The truth about the US election is being buried by a conspiracy theory

As Americans prepare to cast their ballots on Tuesday, we are going to learn a lot about how the 2016 election went from a conspiracy theorists perspective.The US government has been trying to discredit the US presidential election in an effort to delegitimize it.The FBI has been investigating allegations of Russian meddling in the election.And […]

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How to understand the signals intelligence committee

By JAMES BROOKSMAN The intelligence committee’s annual report will be released on Wednesday, but there’s no guarantee the members of the panel will be as upbeat as the White House has been.The panel is supposed to be open to all members of Congress, but some committee members are pushing for the full panel to be […]

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