How to stop the robot invasion

The emergence of intelligent machines is going to create a huge amount of new jobs and, in turn, huge economic opportunities.It is no longer an idle question whether the machines will be better off than humans, and if so, how much better.For all the talk of robots becoming smarter and smarter, there is a lack […]

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How to Get the Most out of Your Business Intelligence Definition

Business intelligence is the ability to collect, analyze and understand how businesses and organizations operate and perform.A good business intelligence definition provides valuable insight into the business of a company, and helps you determine if your business intelligence can help you attract, retain, and increase the productivity of your employees.Business intelligence is all about understanding […]

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Military intelligence: How it got a new nickname

Military intelligence services (MIS) are one of the most powerful intelligence services in the world, with the ability to capture a vast amount of intelligence on both the battlefield and the battlefields.They have been tasked with collecting and analyzing all manner of information from soldiers and civilians alike.Their mission is to collect and analyze intelligence […]

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Which are the best intelligence movies?

A new film based on a book of quotations by renowned political scientist Bernard Lewis, intelligent quotes has a strong presence in the Israeli intelligence community.The movie, which premiered on Friday night at the Jerusalem Film Festival, is titled Intelligence for the Israelis: The Case for an Intelligent Nation.The film will be produced by Tel […]

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How to find the emotional intelligence appraisal for the emotional movies

Intelligence is everything.Intelligence is the thing that enables us to solve problems and to think clearly.Intelligence and the human brain are linked, and when we have the right kind of intelligence, we can solve problems effectively.But intelligence doesn’t come without its challenges, and the most common one is the emotional perception.Intelligence can be helpful, but […]

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