Which country’s AI can keep up with the fast-moving, unpredictable world of cyberspace?

In April 2018, the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) in the United States, the US government’s chief cybersecurity official, published its annual report on the country’s cyber security capabilities.The report identified “the United States as the world’s most resilient” and its top 10 vulnerabilities “are the top two”.The report noted that “cyber threat […]

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Oracle Business Intelligence API Definition

Oracle Business Intelli­gence API Definition:The API is used to provide business intelligence to developers and customers.The API is part of Oracle Enterprise Application Suite (EEAS), an integrated suite of software applications for enterprise software and hardware developers.The API allows you to connect to Oracle Enterprise Business Intelligence (EEBI), which provides insights and business intelligence.Oracle Business […]

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