How to learn how to be an intelligent dog

The Irish newspaper The Irish Telegraph reports that a new study has found that intelligent dogs learn best by being exposed to a wide range of different experiences.The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Ulster and the University College London, also found that the best way to learn to be a good dog […]

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How did you find out? – NHL News

The Montreal Canadiens and Anaheim Ducks were supposed to meet in the first round of the playoffs, and now it looks like the series could be a wash. As we learned in this week’s NHL News, the Ducks were the first team to notice a problem with their goalie. After the Ducks lost the first two games […]

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How to understand artificial intelligence

Fluids are the latest form of intelligence, and they’re already at work in the world of business.Today, there’s a new class of AI agents called intelligent offices.We’ve talked about the concept of artificial intelligence before, but what does intelligence actually mean?The word intelligence is a combination of two words, and this new class is not […]

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How to make intelligent dog breeds

When it comes to intelligent dogs, the answer is no, not necessarily not.That said, there are some smart breeds out there, and the answers are surprisingly varied.Some intelligent breeds have a certain degree of intelligence that can’t be explained in any other way.For example, the “dumb” German Shepherd is a highly intelligent breed, but it’s […]

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