How ‘intelligence officer’ became intelligence officer

General intelligence officer (GIO) was created in 1949 to replace intelligence officer.In the 1980s, the GIO replaced intelligence officer with military intelligence.In 2012, the military intelligence chief was named to replace the GCO.Today, intelligence officer is a term applied to those who work for intelligence services or the military.It means a person who carries out […]

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When does the future lie in business intelligence engineer?

The future is here, and we’re talking about intelligence engineering.This topic is getting a lot of attention lately as it’s becoming increasingly popular in the tech industry, as the field continues to grow and new technology comes online.This article is a compilation of the key points to know about intelligence engineers, and it will answer […]

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What you need to know about intelligence synonyms

In recent years, the term “intelligence” has become increasingly popular in the media, and has been used to describe a wide range of data, including information from computers, sensors, and robots.A growing body of research has found that these synonyms are often used in ways that have the potential to misdirect attention, to mislead, or […]

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How to get smarter intel on the military and spies

Posted October 02, 2018 10:33:46 I think there’s been a lot of speculation in the past couple of years about how the NSA is getting smarter about what it is collecting, and I don’t know that we have any good answer to that, because there’s no good way to know.You just need to ask the […]

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General Intelligence: The General Intelligence is the most important intelligence of our time, says former British prime minister David Lloyd George

A former British Prime Minister David Lloyd Georges, who was a founding member of the International Intelligence Services (IIIS), said he is convinced the UK intelligence agencies have not been “very good at anything” in their role as intelligence agencies.“I have been very careful in my dealings with them, as I should be, with all […]

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