Is Israel Intelligence the future of intelligence?

Intelligent combines intelligence and expertise.As it stands, it’s only about 50 employees, and most of them are focused on research and development and not on building products.But it’s growing at an impressive rate.Last month, it reported $13.2 million in revenue, which was up about 25% from the year before.“It is very difficult to develop products […]

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The world of signals intelligence is getting smarter and smarter

The world’s signals intelligence capabilities are getting smarter, and the new intelligence is increasingly focused on the human-level.For example, a new set of tools developed by scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, are designed to allow a team of engineers to develop artificial intelligence algorithms for understanding human speech and behavior, which will eventually […]

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How to make intelligent dog breeds

When it comes to intelligent dogs, the answer is no, not necessarily not.That said, there are some smart breeds out there, and the answers are surprisingly varied.Some intelligent breeds have a certain degree of intelligence that can’t be explained in any other way.For example, the “dumb” German Shepherd is a highly intelligent breed, but it’s […]

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