Which Artificial Intelligence has the Most Strategic Intelligence?

A list of the top 20 strategic intelligence (SRI) companies that employ AI for strategic purposes.The ranking includes Amazon.com (NASDAQ: AMZN), Microsoft (NASC: MSFT), Google (NASCV: GOOG), Facebook (NAS: FB), IBM (NASCI: IBM), and Oracle (NASV: ORCL).For each, the top ten AI companies are listed below. The list below is based on research by the New […]

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How to create intelligent speech using Google Now

Intelligent speech training, which can be a great tool to improve your spoken language skills, can be useful for people in many different settings, including education, work, travel, and many other professions.But for many people, the idea of using speech training is new, so it’s a good idea to learn about it.Read More.Here’s a quick […]

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Twitter users pay a price for using social media

Facebook has begun offering free Twitter-style ads for those who use the social networking service.Users can choose from a range of social media products, including ads for pizza, coffee, wine and beer.Users who choose the ad option can also choose from an option to send their ads to a special page that has a similar […]

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